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There is a better way for the insurance industry to engage with the health sector

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Our story

In 2008, the founders of Konnect NET discovered an opportunity that would turn out to be a game changer for the industry.

Health records required for insurance underwriting were obtained through inefficient and inconsistent paper-based processes and Konnect NET set out to remove this burden.

We realised that the path to quick access to health records lay not only in accessibility to medical practitioners but in simplifying and standardising the forms across the industry.

As a conduit between insurers and medical practitioners, we have improved interactions that speed up the information gathering process for both parties, freeing up their time to focus on the things they do best.

Providing an efficient and safe environment for this exchange has ultimately increased the speed and safety of the decisions that key stakeholders make.

In 2016, after the release of subsequent innovations, the leadership team realised that the true purpose of the organisation involved doing much more than providing quick and secure access to health records. It was connecting insurers to the sources of information they needed to deliver exceptional insurance experiences to their customers.

We now have a suite of solutions for insurance New business and Claims teams, enabling rich decision-making and outstanding experiences for their customers.

In 2018 Konnect NET joined the leading global healthcare technology and services specialist, Clanwilliam Group. The Dublin-based Clanwilliam Group consists of a number of companies and entrepreneurs across the globe that share its vision to use cutting-edge technology to improve healthcare for everyone. Konnect NET has always been about freeing up time for insurers and healthcare providers to do what they do best – delivering peace of mind to the people in their care.

Collaborative team culture

We maintain an open culture in which everyone is a hands-on contributor. Our people understand that it is their contribution that gets us where we need to go. Our culture is about innovation, integration and collaboration, and it is our people that lead the way.

Our unique market position and world class technology is made possible by a great team, with a real commitment to our customers, and a belief that everything is solvable.

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