Interact with multiple insurers in a single place

With Konnect NET you just have one process for exchanging information with multiple insurance companies. This is available as either a simple web portal or through integration into your CMS.

Key benefits

Faster, easier claims for a great patient experience

Have certainty on patients' insurance cover instantly

With a simple scan of the patient's medical card, you can get real-time information on their policy cover. You'll know what they are covered for and what requires pre-approval, giving you the certainty you need to act quickly.

Quicker payment processing with accurate claim cost data

With real-time patient policy validation you'll not only have the knowledge of services that can be claimed on, you'll know the out-of-pocket expenses to charge on the spot and the exact amount to claim for.

Focus more of your time on patient care rather than pesky paperwork

You can shift your focus from paperwork to patient care. Spend less time re-keying or storing information, less time trying to validate insurance policy details and less time chasing payments.


A single, secure integration point through which you can exchange data with a multitude of insurance organisations. Our platform enables you to act quickly through the use of real-time patient claim eligibility checks, digital claims and pre-approval forms and real-time notifications.

Eligibility check

Member Verification, Policy Benefits and Limits


Online Submission, Status Enquiry and Notifications


Online Submission, Status Enquiry and Notifications

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