Create your own health ecosystem

Streamline any claim needing medical information

A single, secure integration point through which you can access the multitude of health provider organisations you need to exchange data with, for all lines of business.

Key benefits

Faster, easier claims for a great customer experience

Faster health procedure decisions with smart policy identification

With the scan of a QR code, healthcare providers can get real-time information on your customers' policy cover. This takes away the uncertainty which gets in the way of a smooth customer claims experience and provides the certainty health providers need to act quickly.

Quicker payment processing with accurate claim cost data

Real-time policy validation gives instant knowledge to healthcare providers about services that can be claimed on and those that need pre-approval. They can see accurate out-of-pocket expenses and the amount covered for quick and easy invoicing and claim lodgement.

Less time spent on admin and more time for patient care

Health providers can shift their focus from paperwork to providing your customers an outstanding claims experience. They'll spend less time re-keying information, less time on trying to validate insurance policy details and less time chasing payments.


Our platform brings you and the Hong Kong healthcare network closer together for faster and easier claims.

Eligibility check

Member Verification, Policy Benefits and Limits


Online Submission, Status Enquiry and Notifications


Online Submission, Status Enquiry and Notifications

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