Solutions for Insurers

Quicky create your own health provider ecosystem and have a single point through which to access the health information and services you need

Insurers tell us their time is best spent understanding risk, ensuring a great customer experience and enabling robust claim outcomes. So we’ve made it easy and secure to create and manage your own health provider ecosystem, letting you exchange information with health providers and request health services faster.

Key Benefits

Focus on your core business by reducing your administrative burden, have peace of mind that confidential information is protected during exchanges and achieve better insurance outcomes with health provider connectivity.

Provide a great customer experience

Remove friction for all stakeholders during claims for a more delightful experience for all.

Better claims outcomes and provider relationships

With the easier interactions between insurance and healthcare, you can place even more focus on provider agreements and customer claims experience. We also make it easier for you to enable the right healthcare at the right time for your clients, driving better health management and provider network management.

Information security

Our stakeholders deal with people’s sensitive health information and it’s essential that we go above and beyond to protect this data while it’s being exchanged. Our physical, electronic and management processes are dedicated to protecting this information.


Create your own health ecosystem for claims

A single, secure integration point through which you can access the multitude of provider organisations you need to exchange data with. We offer an integration into your systems and the providers’ CMS, plus a web-based provider portal for those we don’t integrate with. Apply your unique business rules to enable faster, easier claims and a great customer experience.

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